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July 29, 2015
The new version of the website is now live! Please look around and check out all the new features and content.  You can find the published works by Author AJ Calvin in her fantasy book series: The Moon's Eye as well as some of her upcoming science-fiction works in the 'works in progress' section of the site.



The Moon's Eye

The Moon's Eye by AJ Calvin, Fantasy Novel $20.95 - Buy Now From Amazon / Infinity Publishing

 ISBN 0-7414-4553-0, © 2008 by

Genre: Fantasy



The Moon’s Eye is a story filled with magic and adventure, in a time growing ever more dark and dangerous. Janna, daughter of the volatile Fire Maiden, is sent on a journey with a warrior trained by the Immortal Blademon, to uncover a mysterious relic known as the Moon’s Eye—a relic which could prove to either save the world, or be its very undoing.




The Talisman of Delucha

talisman-small$20.95 - Buy Now From Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Infinity Publishing

ISBN 0-7414-5238-3, © 2009 by

Genre: Fantasy



      The Talisman of Delucha is a continuation of the story that began with The Moon’s Eye. Times have grown darker, as the Vile Ones continue in their preparation to release their evil master from his prison of flames. However, hope has not yet been lost—a small group has come together to resist this threat to freedom and life. Among these is the mysterious Ravin, a man gifted with extraordinary magical power, who is on a personal mission to obtain the Talisman hidden beneath the palace in Delucha for the queen he serves.



The War of the Nameless

nameless-small$17.95 - Buy Now From Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Infinity Publishing

ISBN 0-7414-6295-8, © 2010 by

Genre: Fantasy



The War of the Nameless is the final chapter of the epic story that began with The Moon’s Eye. The Vile Ones have come very near to achieving their goal of releasing their master from his current prison, despite having been defeated at the Battle of Delucha. The Sword Bearer’s army has grown in size to oppose this threat, and even the Immortals—sworn to stay out of the wars of the mortal realm—have begun to choose sides for the battle to come.